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I find emotional dependency quite a concept. How people in the world are always talking about physical pain, how excruciating physical harm can be, or how tragedy can result from such pain on levels not understood by everyone. However, I don’t think it’s physical pain that rules all. As much as it can inflict on the body, it cannot compete with emotional pain. Fact is, people actually fear emotional pain on, perhaps, a subconscious level, if not conscious level. We actually fear the death of others because of the emotional pain we must go through as a result of such death itself, or our own death’s infliction on the emotion of those close around us. It’s not losing someone as much as it’s having to go through the emotions. Suicide will be able to reason this very argument, considering people aren’t afraid to die on the physical aspect. What’s really affecting them is the power of emotional weight.

We miss, we love, we feel. Emotional pain’s worse because what it can inflict on the soul, ultimately inflicts on the body rather than vice-versa. It’s our soul, or consciousness (if you must insist), that ultimately rules our body. Thus, emotional pain will always be the most painful to any feeling, living human being, in regards to such. However, it’s emotion that gives us happiness, strength, and the will to live on. What irony… to lack emotion would be the very death of us. 

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