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Mozzarella Cheese Sticks


Just another lake photo

Alexander Ferrario Photographed by Hadar Pitchon Backstage @ Skingraft Spring/Summer 2015 | New York Fashion Week

A difference.

I don’t want to feel like I’m obligated to do anything for anyone. I’ll only be responsible for what I choose to do in my life. There’s a difference.

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Metropolis  |  Abdullah Genc

On Anaconda, and my 2 cents.

Ladies - there’s a fine line between wanting appreciation and attention, just as there’s a fine art between being sexy and sexual. If you know how to distinguish, you’d know to respect yourselves a little more. 

I believe in staying classy. I don’t always voice my opinion because I know an idiot won’t listen even if you drill your words into their brain, so why waste your time? However, I came back from my elementary school and heard several little girls singing, “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun…” You’ve got to be kidding me. None of these girls could’ve been older than 10, and the youngest looked about 7.

To articles saying “Anaconda” is empowering and feminist - stop. Let me make this straight to the point. Feminism is supporting equal voice, education, and work/salary for both women and men. Feminism is not flaunting your ass in someone’s face and walking away as if you own the place. I’m not disgusted by her body, I’m disgusted that her hunger for views comes at the cost of teaching girls suffering from self-esteem issues that this is an okay way to get attention. Realistically, I’m afraid most girls are not going to able to walk away as cleanly as she had.

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